Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Neiman Marcus Love to Give Collection ~ Happy Holidays!

Hello and Happy Holidays one and all!

I have been very busy lately; just finished a large project that should be released soon!

In the meantime, here is one of the team at Janimation's latest creations for Neiman Marcus. It is a promotional video for their seasonal Love to Give Collection.

For this piece we worked with entirely still images and utilizing After Effects, made them appear to be animated in a stop motion style. I handled many of the finer details in the spot, including various 2D effects. I dealt with much of the roto work, and was in charge of keeping track of the hundreds of images that made up the sequences you see in the final piece.

Also, I would like to share on of my first motion graphics projects in After Effects from 2013. I had just begun tutorials, and had produced one or two logo treatments, when I was handed this piece to complete. It was a very enjoyable experience!

Thanks for stopping by!

Merry 4th Quarter to all!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Insurance Hero in Texas

Good Day Everyone!

The third Dillo Insurance spot that Janimation completed really pushed the envelope on the cartoony realism! 2 new amazing environments and a new character for the Dillo to  *briefly* interact with!

These spots are always so much fun to perfect the timing and spacing from both an animation standpoint and a layout/animatic perspective!

More projects coming soon!

TTFN Everybody!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gator Wrestling!

Howdy folks!

The latest spot in Janimation's ad campaign for Al Boenker Insurance can be viewed here! It features a new character that was quite a lot of fun to work with. :D

I was again responsible for Pre-Vis and Layout. Greg Punchatz and Mitch Lotierzo worked with  Face Robot to handle the lip-sync while I handled much of the the body animation of these two characters.

I learned quite a lot from this project. Mostly that Alligator Wrestling is not only something that humans do, but is considered a sporting event with some historical roots. I honestly had no idea, despite living in Florida for roughly 5 years!

Also, in pouring over reference, I learned that alligators and crocodiles are simultaneously goofy and terrifying at top running speed:

Croc Run Video Reference

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by. :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Exploration of a Nano-tech Concept by Janimation

Hello and Welcome!

I am very happy to share with you today our latest release. It is a visual concept of the future of medicine using microscopic organic machines to break apart and then carry away tumors in brain tissue.

On this piece, my contribution was in the animatic and layout stages of production, as well as some swimming cycles and burrowing animations!

I am very happy to be a part of the fabulous team here at Janimation!

Still more work to come!

Till next time!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Gearbox's Battleborn Announcement Trailer Released (and I helped!)

One of my favorite developers Gearbox Software just released a new announcement trailer for their upcoming game Battleborn. It sounds very ambitious and if I know them, it'll feature gameplay that will hack my brain and keep me playing for hours on end.

Best part is, I helped! :) Janimation created the awesome universe explosion featured at the end of the trailer, and I contributed by organizing assets used to create it, randomizing trees, and creating that single dying star that survives.

You can watch the trailer here, and lookout for this next month's Game Informer which will feature a cover story on the game!

Game Informer

Official Site

Are you excited? I'm excited! :D

Also, The next Dillo Insurance spot has been playing on our local televisions for a while and I am quite happy to finally share it with you all. This was produced a while ago, and one of the first projects where I helped build an animatic, and then worked on the edit through animation the animation process! As well as handle all the animation too. Building the animatics, layout and edits was quite the learning experience but also quite a lot of fun!

And speaking of the Pre-Vis process, I had the great pleasure to help with some Pre-Vis animations for a live action spot for Mrs. Baird's Bread. Our live action crew took it from there and it was really neat to see how it turned out!

Coming Soon: More Dillo and Al Boenker spots!

Ta ta for now!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a magical holiday season!

Not too much to report this time, Janimation is keeping me pretty busy with some amazing projects!

There is one project I completed at the beginning of this year that has yet to be featured on here. It is for the Al Boenker car insurance company!

There's also a blooper version!

Also, my Etsy Shop is finally live! I have been making several scarves after work, and am happy to report they are finally ready for purchase! The Shop is called SmilingGlasses and I invite everyone to take a peak!

SmilingGlasses Shop

Believe it or not, I've also joined the twitter-verse to post updates about the shop as well. My new twitter account is @Smiling_Glasses.

Merry 2014 everyone!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Babies, Aliens and TP

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for not posting since March, quite a bit has been happening!

First I was officially hired on full time as an Animator at Janimation! It's really such a wonderful place to work, all of my co-workers are amazing, and we work on so many exciting projects. Everyday feels new and fresh, and I never know just what I'll be working on.

Next, The Alien Rage cinematic trailer was released last June. This project is a teaser for an new FPS by City Interactive. Quite a lot of love was put into this one, and I'm very happy I was able to contribute. The things that I helped bring to life through animation are the probe, time lapse elements, the giant mech and alien ships that tear up the place, and the hardcore looking guy with a giant gun at the end.

Next, a promotional video for White Cloud brand Bath Tissue. I made sure the packages stayed felt light and soft as it "bloomed" and floated through the clouds. It turned out very magical indeed.

Also, my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, little miss EmmaLee! I was sure to put my crocheting skills to work to make sure she would be warm this winter:

Emma's mommy loves ducks, so I thought this would be perfect.

Till next time!